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Interesting YouTube Partners

Accenture 417 mil vv

Journeyman Pictures

Film archives 840 mil vv

Tedtalks 142 mil vv

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Video Cellar - Large Independent Film Library Collection


Beethoven Symphonies

Beethoven symphony 9
About Symphony 9


Video uploaded by UCTelevision

Andrew Furmanczyk - Free Piano Video Lessons

Andrew Furmanczyk has uploaded number videos on YouTube on learning Piano. Earlier, on Google's Knol also there were number of lessons on Piano learning. Collecting some of the videos of Furmanczyk in the blog post to make more people aware of the availability. The lesson one is already a popular video with more than 8 million+ views.

How to play piano: The basics, Piano Lesson #1 - YouTube Video



Video uploaded by  YT Partner  Furmanczyk Piano Academy (Lypur)

Full videos available in the series

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hindi Films on YouTube Uploaded During November 2012

All Movies uploaded by YouTube Partners

Latest Movie uploaded
Pyaasa Sawn  - Jeetendra, Reena Roy - 1981 Movie - Rajshri

Akhari Don - Koyal Verma,Rajeev Verma


Bobby Deol,  Rani Mukherjee
Uploaded by Saregama Movies


Bhikhre Moti

Day of Redemption (Hindi Dubbing)
2004 movie
Uploaded by Ultramovieparlour

Gandhi to Hitler
Raghuvir Yadav, Neha Dhupia, Aman Verma
Uploaded by Rajshri

Guru - Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai - Hit Film - 2007
uploaded by Saregama Movies

Jeetendra, Mehmood, Leena Chandavarkar
Uploaded by Rajshri

Jaanwar  -  Hindi Dubbing of Telugu Film Brahmastram - Jagapati Babu - Neha Dhupia

Jaan Se Pyaara Dost Hamara
Hindi Dubbing of Hollywood film Chestnut
Uploaded by UltraMovie Parlour

Kohram -  Full Movie (1999) Amitabh Bachchan | Nana Patekar

1970 films
Uploaded by leherenTV

Black and White Film
Uploaded by Lehren TV

Pyaasa Sawn  - Jeetendra, Reena Roy - 1981 Movie - Rajshri

Ramdgad ki Ramkali - 2001 Film

Yahan Wahan
1984 film

Zindagi Ek Sangharsh




Akhari Don - Koyal Verma,Rajeev Verma

Khoobsurat Khiladi


Jaanwar  -  Hindi Dubbing of Telugu Film Brahmastram - Jagapati Babu - Neha Dhupia

Monday, November 12, 2012

Telugu Film Videos Uploaded Officially on YouTube November 2012

Telugu Film Videos uploaded by YouTube Partners during November 2012

Itlu Sravani Subramanyam
Ravi Teja, Ileana

Visakha Express
Allari Naresh
Uploaded by AishuTv

Palnati Pourusham
Krishnam Raju, Radhika, 1994 film
Uploaded by Aditya Video

Hindi Film YouTube Videos - Channel Partners

Hindi film producers and distributors like Telugu film producers are uploading their films and songs officially on YouTube.

Rajshri has one billion video views already 4.11.2012

YRF -Yash Raj Films 1829 videos

  YRF Movies  full movie videos

Dharma Productions has 432 videos on 4.11.2012

Shemaroo Movies

UltraMovie Parlour


Excel Movies



Bigfilms  (Reliance Entertainment)

More Official channels to be added

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Culture of Various Places and Countries - Video Presentations

Cultures of various places ancient and current is an interesting topic. Internet has vast amount of content. Search engines like Google do a good job of bringing out that content to the attention of eager readers. But many times potential readers are to be made aware of such cue words. Collections of this sort can help readers by providing them the cue words using which they can make a further search of internet.

YouTube Videos on Culture

Wikiplays Videos

Afanasevo Culture

Culture of Denmark

Culture of Greece

Culture of Italy

Culture of Lithuania

Culture of the Netherlands

Culture of Northen Ireland

Culture of Sweden

Narva Culture

Religion in Egypt

WikiPedia Articles on Videos - Wikiplays YouTube Channel  is a YouTube Video channel that is uploading Wikipedia articles as slideshows on YouTube. I noticed this activity only today and there are many videos on various topics like cities, cultures, famous personalities etc.

English Movie Videos uploaded on YouTube during November 2012

Videos uploaded by YouTube partners only are mentioned with links. Google with its Panda updated is seriously discouraging links to sites and posts and with non-copyright content. Google started efforts to promote online sites with proper copy right content and hopefully it leads to some revisions in copyright rules taking into consideration the nature of online media and its capabilities to provide low cost content creation and distribution.

Trying to see whether the channel has an connection to production, distribution, Video distribution of films, or Cable distribution of films. There must be a reason to believe that the concerned YT channel has the copy right to upload the film on YouTube.

Armored - Full Movie
Uploaded Universal Movies00

Dream of a Warrior
Uploaded by ViewsterTv.
Viewster is a video on demand service from Switzerland. It must be offering some films from its portfolio for free viewing on YouTube to promote its services.

Night of the Living Dead
Uploaded by Cinenet

Summer With The Ghosts - English - Movie For Kids
Uploaded by Rajshri Kids

Sochi 2014 - Winter Olympics - Volunteers - Documentary by Russia Today
Russia Today YT Channel

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Telugu Film Videos on YouTube - Channel Partner November 2012

Telugu film industry producers and distributors have flocked to YouTube to officially upload their movies on YouTube. The reason could be international exposure that comes more easily by uploading on YouTube.

Producers and Distributors who uploaded their videos

Geeta Arts - Many Chiranjeevi's films

Suresh Productions - Film concern of D. Rama Naidu

Aditya Movies

AishTV - does not seem to be connected to production or distribution

CineCurry Telugu

NarjisMusic  -

English Film Videos on YouTube

Very few producers and distributors of English films have uploaded their videos officially on YouTube. Many videos are various films are there but they are uploaded by various people more as fun and protest. YouTube is removing many videos every day. is the place to locate good english movies available on YouTube with copy right permission.

I noticed a new channel SJ Entertainment TV. It has uploaded a series of videos with the caption Fascination like Fascination California. It has more videos on various cities, states and countries.

YouTube Video - Fascination California


Video uploaded by  SJ Entertainment TV. YouTube Video partner

Blog Renamed and Objective Changed

As I come to know, YouTube's policy of allowing embedding better, the objective of the blog has been changed to review the role of YouTube platform and some of the videos being uploaded, their marketing practices. 

Only YouTube Partner Videos to be embedded

Care has to be taken to make sure that only YouTube partner videos are embedded in the blog posts. This will minimize giving links to content without proper copy right permission,

Additionally also, it needs to be seen whether the uploader will have the copyright especially incase of music, film and TV program videos. In case of doubt do not embed the video.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Good Wife - CBS TV Series

Pilot (22 September 2009)
Stripped (29 September 2009)
Home (6 October 2009) -
Fixed (13 October 2009) -
Crash (20 October 2009) -
Conjugal (3 November 2009) -
Unorthodox (10 November 2009) -
Unprepared (17 November 2009) -
Threesome (24 November 2009) -
Lifeguard (15 December 2009) -
Infamy (5 January 2010) -
Painkiller (12 January 2010) -
Bad (2 February 2010) -
Hi (9 February 2010) -
Bang (2 March 2010) -
Fleas (9 March 2010) -
Heart (16 March 2010) -
Doubt (6 April 2010) -
Boom (27 April 2010) -
Mock (4 May 2010) -
Unplugged (11 May 2010) -
Hybristophilia (18 May 2010) -
Running (25 May 2010) -
Taking Control (28 September 2010) -
Double Jeopardy (5 October 2010) -
Breaking Fast (12 October 2010) -
Cleaning House (19 October 2010) -
VIP Treatment (26 October 2010) -
Poisoned Pill (9 November 2010) -

Bad Girls (16 November 2010) -


Video uploaded by CBS - YouTube Video Partner

On Tap (23 November 2010) -
Nine Hours (14 December 2010) -
Breaking Up (11 January 2011) -
Two Courts (18 January 2011) -
Silly Season (1 February 2011) -
Real Deal (8 February 2011) -
Net Worth (15 February 2011) -
Silver Bullet (22 February 2011) -
Great Firewall (1 March 2011) -
Ham Sandwich (22 March 2011) -
Killer Song (29 March 2011) -
Wrongful Termination (5 April 2011) -
Foreign Affairs (12 April 2011) -
In Sickness (3 May 2011) -
Getting Off (10 May 2011) -
Closing Arguments (17 May 2011) -
A New Day (25 September 2011) -
The Death Zone (2 October 2011) -
Get a Room (9 October 2011) -
Feeding the Rat (16 October 2011) -
Marthas and Caitlins (23 October 2011) -
Affairs of State (30 October 2011) -
Executive Order 13224 (6 November 2011) -
Death Row Tip (13 November 2011) -
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (20 November 2011) -
Parenting Made Easy (4 December 2011) -
What Went Wrong (11 December 2011) -
Alienation of Affection (8 January 2012) -
Another Ham Sandwich (29 January 2012) -
Live from Damascus (19 February 2012) -
After the Fall (4 March 2012) -
Long Way Home (11 March 2012) -
Gloves Come Off (18 March 2012) -